About Us

Hotel S is a boutique (cultural creation) through the art of cultural elements in the hotel space, facilities, equipment and service projects, 

trying to create customers in the hotel cultural experience.

The environment, facilities and equipment, the image of people, and the concept of service should all carry a culture.

The use of artistic and cultural elements to re-create art, to have an artistic perspective, to have artistic expression ability, to design with

heart, to achieve the guests' cultural experience is the spirit of the art .

The definition of our boutique hotel is fine staff, fine service and fine design.

Hotel check-in and check-out

Check-in time is 15:00
Check-out time is 11:00

Hotel S Art

Hotel S enthusiasm for "revitalizing old areas and spreading art" and has invited different local artists to refurbish each floor of HOTEL S to bring guests a refreshing experience. Each floor has a different feel, and the themes include colorful, childlike, fairy tales, ecological conservation, etc. Each theme carries a different meaning and the story the artists want to tell us. Guests can also understand different feelings in the various works of art, as well as leaving with a different feeling as a souvenir becomes an unforgettable memory in the journey.