Brand story

The former Best Western Macau Hotel Sun Sun , the current site of the hotel was a six-story old building, which has a history of more than 100 years.

Macau Hotel Sun Sun is one of the oldest hotels in Macau and has experienced the historical moment when the Portuguese first set foot in 


In 1981, "Indiana Jones," the first Hollywood adventure film directed by Steven Allan Spielberg, was filmed at Macau Hotel Sun Sun,

Many important scenes were shot, especially the thrilling sequence in which the main character escapes from the hotel, which became a 

classic in the thriller film.

Hotel S was rebuilt into a 15-story building in 1990 and renamed to Hotel S in July 2019, with the mission of creating a 

boutique hotel in Macau, providing unique design and intimate service.

Hotel S is a boutique (cultural creation) through the art of cultural elements in the hotel space, facilities and services, to meet the 

customers in the hotel to enjoy the cultural journey.

The environment, facilities and equipment, personnel image and service concept of Hotel S should carry art and culture.

Hotel  S uses art and cultural elements to re-create art, from the perspective of art, with artistic expression ability to design, 

to achieve the cultural experience of guests is the spirit of art .

The aim of our boutique hotel is to have fine staff, fine service and fine design.

Visitors can feel the strong historical and cultural atmosphere of Macau and the unique artistic atmosphere in the hotel.