"Halloween, let's" ghost "together!"

Want to feel spooky and cute for Halloween? We have carefully planned a wonderful Halloween party full of surprises and fun for you!

Ween Ween Halloween Party ☠️☠️☠️, activities include:

- HALLOWEEN makeover 🧥

-Magic hair Changechange🧖 ‍♀️

- Pillow fight 🤾🏻‍♂️

- Water Bottle Sword Contest 🌡️

- The Disguise game

- Candy overload 🍬

- Pumpkin doodling workshop

- All Saints order wine 🍯

Date: October 28-29, 2023

Time: 17:00-22:30

Location: Hotel S

!Outloud Festival 2023

"! OUTLOUD is a street art festival with graffiti, street dance and other street elements as its theme, aiming to promote street art culture,

promote cultural exchange, stimulate creativity and innovation, promote community development, and increase the visibility of the city.

The festival has been successfully held in Macau for four times, each of which has invited street artists from all over the world to perform 

activities such as live graffiti creation and street dance performances. This year's festival has invited outstanding street artists from all over 

the world to Macau for activities such as live graffiti creation and street dance competition, which is a joyful visual feast.

In addition to graffiti and street dance performances, this year's Street Art Festival also includes a variety of activities and gifts provided by 

a number of partner merchants!

Thanks for having you - Hotel S (Sunsun Hotel) staff birthday party

The only thing in the world that you can get without effort is the unexpected encounter of age growth, 

the birthday comes, the youth is fleeting, hoping to meet a better self, live up to the time.

Do useful things, say brave things, think beautiful things, sleep well, spend your time being beautiful and improving, not complaining.

Birthday speech: Another year, year after year flowers are similar, year after year people are different. Wake up is not a dream, 

wrinkles between the eyebrows again. Illusory big thousand two boundless, an encounter, the final unforgettable. Meet the master leave 

a smile, do not know, what harm.

Today, I am one year older. I wish I could have more maturity and more wisdom. I wish all my hopes can be fulfilled, all my dreams can be realized, all my waiting can appear, and all my efforts can be fulfilled.

Macau DGR Charity Motorcycle Parade 2023 Final Stop-Hotel S

The 2023 Macau DGR Charity Motorcycle Parade was successfully concluded on May 21st. Review the scene of the day~~

Meet the retro knight at Hotel S ~

This year's scale can be said to be the largest DGR event in Macau's history, with more than 100 retro motorcycles participating.

A little science: DGR Annual Global Retro Gentleman Motorcycle Parade The theme of the event is "Gentleman" On the same day, various cities around the world will hold DGR cycling parades Gentlemen will wear gentlemen's clothes to participate in the ride on that day It is a charity event to promote men's health The activity is very meaningful~


Event date: 29 October, 2022 Saturday

Afternoon - Studio S (Free)

3pm - 6pm

Halloween Family Time!

(First entry: 3:00pm - 4:30pm; Second round:4:30pm-6pm)

Facepaint, free games, free snacks and drinks (limited), and a family friendly Halloween movie on a big screen! Free Entry!

Dawn - The haunted rooftop BBQ(Free)

6pm - 10pm

Halloween BBQ Camping Party - The Haunted Rooftop!

Hotel S - 15/F Rooftop Garden

Wear your favourite Halloween costumes, head to lobby elevator then press to reach hell! When you arrive, tell us our secret code at the door and get a free entry! Free face-paint and makeup materials provided at the door. Enter the contest in your most creative, scary Halloween costumes and win a great prize!

Outloud Festival 2019

Always keen to promote Macau's art scene, for years Hotel S is the major sponsor of “Outloud Street Art Festival”, a gala curated by arts organization Local Ginger Talents. Started off as a simple street graffiti, it has now evolved into a series of fascinating work of art by talented artists , injecting spark and vitality into the old town area. Not only resculpting the image of the community, the festival has also brought in new opportunities for local businesses.

“Outloud Street Art Festival” contains a wide range of performances and activities, such as concerts, dance showcases, art workshops, exhibitions, culinary events and exchanges on arts and culture. Either a native Macau residence or a traveler will have the chance to enjoy and explore the vibe of street arts. The main event of the festival is inviting world-famous graffiti artists from India, USA, Australia and Thailand to paint enormous murals and graffiti on the wall of Hotel S and surrounding buildings, which is absolutely the biggest street arts creation ever happened in Macau.

The total size of typography, cartoon style drawing and realistic portraits created by these brilliant artists have already exceeded 500 square meters. The whole district is now a feast for the eyes and landmark of contemporary street culture. Street arts have once again overcome the barrier between distance and race, it is a common language co-created by artists with same vision.

Swinging by or staying at our hotel, you are always welcome to take photos of or selfie with the art pieces, and don’t forget to share with the world how much you love the art journey brought to you by Hotel S.

Outloud Festival 2018

The 2nd "Outloud Street Art Festival - "Girls' Revolution", curated by Local Ginger Talents, Macau Art House Hotel, Macau University of Science and Technology (Humanities and Arts College), Macau Shenzhen Economic and Cultural Promotion Association, Urban Development Promotion Association, New Green Box Pavilion, AVIS, International Express Co., Ltd., Macpro, Huizhan Art Space fully sponsored and supported this event, the purpose is to promote street art and cultural exchanges, promote the development of community art, enhance the artistic atmosphere of living circles, and activate the community.


The location of our "Outloud Street Art Festival" is aimed at communities and local shops based on background stories, and many of them are rich in local Macanese culture. The district injects a new element of public art-graffiti art. Graffiti is not just street art. It has now risen to urban art and a symbol of urban living. Graffiti art has a strong font aesthetic. Combining vivid and interesting cartoon style or mixed with realistic portraits, the picture is ever-changing. The street corner uses the creative style to bring a shocking work to the city. It is not only a scenic spot for photography, but also a way of telling stories to the world with art.

Outloud Festival 2017

To promote the cultural and arts industry in Macau, a street art activity was held on November 4th to 5th, 2017, and saw the collaboration between Macau Hotel S and local artists “Local Ginger Talents” with the participation of  international street artists, music DJs, rappers, art works, and galleries. Praça de Ponte e Horta was the venue for The 1st 'Outloud' street art festival. This activity is a new milestone for cultural and arts industry in Macau which will attract more local and overseas arts enthusiasts and also provides a chance to exchange ideas and room for gathering of artists.


The “Outloud Street Art Festival” has breathed life to the forgotten alley of Praça de Ponte e Horta. Art pursues endless creativity while this historical district also contains its own unlimited possibilities, forming its own unique characteristics. Praça de Ponte e Horta has gathered 15 street artists from all over the world to drive the street art culture activity together.